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We are happy to see more and more inquiries regarding green catering and of course we are happy to help you!

Sometimes we arrange catering in connection to a festivity such as Christmas, Easter or Midsummer. But it can also be a meeting, a fancy dinner, party or wedding.

Send us a e-mail or call and tell us more about your wishes and we’ll get back to you with ideas and price.

Would you like to come with a group and have the house to yourself?

We are happy to help you plan a day with your work group! Maybe you would to start the day with meetings, have lunch together, go hiking and learn something new, have coffee served in the garden and get together for the final dinner? In Tastecelebration Residence we have al the possibilities to make a great day for you!

We are happy to make a green catering for a minimum 6 people. When we are making catering for a holiday etc we usually don’t have any minimum numbers of people for ordering.

Send an email or call and we are happy to help you further!

0708-153955 or info@tastecelebration.com